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The "Walter Uka Collection" (Walter-Uka-Sammlung) consists of approximately 55.000 films, either on VHS or on DVD. These films may only be used for teaching and studying purposes, and the use is restricted to students and teaching staff of the university. Students need the signature of a member of the teaching staff, which needs to be confirmed when checking out on a form. Students will also need the signature of their teachers.

The films need to be ordered. Films on VHS will be converted to DVDs, which will take a couple of days. You will receive an e-mail once a films is ready to be picked up.

Catalogue of the "Walter Uka Collection" media library

Other library catalogues

  • Union Catalogue of the northern German "Common Library Network, with interlibrary loan functionality
  • The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue lets you search simultaneously in various library catalogues on both a national or international level