The IT services – logins, platforms & service range

Here you can find all information about the IT services.

Password management

Leuphana passwordWLAN passwordCloud passwordMail password
  • Password change
  • Login to public computers
  • Connection to network drives
  • Establishment of a VPN connection
  • Rocket.Chat
  • myShare
  • myWiki
  • Wekan
  • Printing system
  • Login to the "Leuphana" campus Wi‑Fi
  • Login to the "Eduroam" Wi‑Fi (also at other universities)

Logins that use the so-called identity provider:

  • myCampus
  • myStudy
  • Moodle
  • Academic Cloud
  • myVideo (Panopto)
  • Login to the email inbox

Logins, platforms & service range

 What is this?AccountPasswordLinksSupport


Activation and password change for the Leuphana account, activation of services

Leuphana accountLeuphana password


Instructions (Intranet)*

IT Tutors


Email box for communicating on all study-related matters


Leuphana accountMail password


Instructions (intranet)*

IT Tutors

Campus Wi‑Fi

Wireless internet access in the buildings


Leuphana accountWLAN passwordFurther information and instructions

IT Tutors


Encrypted access to the campus network from the outside


Leuphana accountLeuphana passwordFurther information and instructions

IT Tutors


Teaching organisation system for course registration and information, course schedule, course materials etc.

Leuphana accountCloud password


Instructions and videos

myStudy Support


Campus management system for registering for assessments, viewing assessment results, managing study and master data, etc.

Leuphana accountCloud password



myCampus Support


E-learning platform

Leuphana accountCloud passwordInstructions 


Instant messaging for desktop and mobile devices

Leuphana accountLeuphana passwordInstructions (intranet)*

IT Tutors


Online meeting software for seminars in online or hybrid format


More information and tutorials

Download the Zoom client (intranet)*


Academic Cloud

E.g., storage, sharing and collaborative editing of files

Leuphana accountCloud passwordInstructions (intranet)*

IT Tutors


Printing with the Leuphana Card

Leuphana accountLeuphana passwordInstructions (Intranet)*

IT Tutors

Other services   All instructions (Intranet)* 

* The marked websites are only accessible via the Leuphana intranet. You can reach the intranet from the university network or via VPN.

** myStudy is provided only for students of the College and the Graduate School. There are no contents for students of the Professional School in myStudy!

*** Only for students of the College and the Graduate School. For students of the Professional School, there is a separate Moodle.

Further information

For further information, take a look at our brochure "The MIZ services"!