Videostudio in the library

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Finally, the time has come! Our mini video studio in the library has opened and is now available to all students, faculty and staff of Leuphana University. In the Bib-Videostudio, video recordings such as interviews or selfcasts can be made in a comfortable atmosphere, as well as sound recordings can be created. But also the post-production of the recordings at the editing suite can be tackled with comfortable software equipment and computing power.

The Bib Video Studio is located in the soundproof room 120 on the upper floor of the library's reading room and can be booked Mon. - Fri. from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. via (free of charge).

The provision of the video studio is flanked by the existing consulting and training services of the MIZ on, for example, video editing, animation and sound recording.

Interviews: Record conversations on video

The studio offers possibilities for various types of video recording. An interview corner with lounge chairs and an appealing background has been set up and allows two participants to be recorded in conversation.

The technical equipment of the interview corner includes:

  •     2x 4K Canon XA40 camcorder
  •     2x Benro KH25N Aluminuim video tripods
  •     2x LED light sets each 2 Varytec VP-m20 Stand with tripods for optimal lighting of the scene
  •     one RODE Wireless Go II Set
  •     2x Rode Lavalier GO clip-on microphones as extension for the RODE Wireless Go II

The furnishing of the interview corner includes

  •     two green velvet armchairs
  •     a coffee table with mirror surface
  •     a floor lamp in retro design for light accents in the picture
  •     a standing shelf in the background with media artifacts from past times

Sound: Record audio or podcast

The computer workstation in the studio is also ideal for audio or podcast recordings. The technical equipment includes:

  •     2x RODE NT-USB mini microphones with arms on the table for audio recordings of two participants
  •     2x the t.bone Micscreen XL screens for improving acoustics during audio recordings
  •     Audacity - software for recording and editing the audio files

Postproduction: Edit video and audio

The computer workstation in the studio enables - in addition to selfcasts - above all the post-production of the video and/or audio material. For this purpose, the PC is equipped with a variety of licensed editing programs:

  •     DaVinci Resolve for video editing.
  •     Audacity for recording and editing audio files
  •     GIMP for graphics editing (raster)
  •     Inkscape for graphics editing (vector)
  •     all applications of the Adobe CC bundle:
    •     Photoshop
    •     InDesign
    •     Premiere
    •     After Effects
    •     etc.

Selfcast: Record yourself on video


At the table in front of the computer it is possible to make selfcasts (self-recordings). The following technology is available for this purpose at the table:

  •     2x Sandberg USB Flex 1080P HD webcam
  •     Rode NT-USB mini microphones
  •     Elgato ring light
  •     OBS Studio
  •     various software for recording and editing


1. Are there any costs associated with the use of the Video Studio?

No, the use of the video studio is free for students and staff of Leuphana University. Please note that you should use your Leuphana e-mail address when you send us your enquiries. This is the simplest way to verify your university affiliation upfront.


2. Is there a maximum duration for booking the studio?

You can book the video studio from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. To ensure that the studio can be used equally by all interested parties, individuals can make reservations for a maximum of three days per week.
There is no limit to the duration of individual bookings within these times. We only ask that you be considerate of the needs of other users and responsible in your use of the studio.


3. How far in advance should I book the studio to ensure availability?

This is a difficult question to answer as the studio's availability can vary greatly from week to week. We strive to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours, so you'll know as soon as possible whether your requested date is available.


4. Must users attend training before using the video studio?

No, no prior knowledge is necessary to book the room.
On the day of your reservation, you will receive general information about the room and its equipment, but we won't be able to provide an in-depth walkthrough of all available programs or devices.
We therefore recommend that you allow sufficient time to test and familiarise yourself with the equipment for your project.


5. Do you provide support or training for the use of the various software applications?

Yes, we periodically offer training on how to use the various software applications. You can find our current training offers in the MIZ training programme under the category 'Media Design'."


6. Are licenses, such as for Adobe CC applications, already available in the studio, or do users need to provide their own?

The software programs installed on the computer in the video studio are fully licensed and can be used by all users. Users only need their own account details to use Photoshop or integrated cloud services.