Microsoft 365 for employees

The MIZ makes the Microsoft 365 office and productivity applications available to all employees.

General information on Microsoft 365

How do I log in to Microsoft 365?

You always use Microsoft 365 with your primary email address ( as your user name and the cloud password of your Leuphana account. If you are unsure what your primary email address is, you can view it in the myAccount portal of our identity management system. There, you can also change your cloud password in the password management, if necessary.

How do I install and use the local apps? How do I use the web apps?

If you would like to use Microsoft 365 applications as local installations on your PC that is managed by the IT Service, please contact the IT Service. If you manage your computer independently, you can obtain the installation files on the Microsoft 365 portal (see below). Follow the instructions in the MIZ Instructions Wiki (only accessible from the intranet). Of course, you can continue to use your current locally installed Office products instead of switching to Microsoft 365.

To use the Microsoft 365 web apps, log in to the Microsoft 365 portal (see below) with the above-mentioned login data.

Which Microsoft 365 apps and services can I use?

The following applications and services are available to you:


Word processing software for local installation or as a web app.


Spreadsheet software for local installation or as a web app.


Presentation software for local installation or as a web app.


Email software with productivity features for local installation.


Collaborative online service with chat and video conferencing, file management, whiteboards etc. for local installation or as a web app.


Desktop publishing software for local installation on Windows PCs.


Visualisation software for use as a web app.


Software for organising notes for use as a web app.


Cloud storage service, especially for collaboration by sharing folders and files for joint editing (e.g., with the Microsoft 365 apps), for local installation or as a web app.

How are my data and the University's data protected when using Microsoft 365?

In consultation with the staff council and Leuphana's data protection department, we have configured the Microsoft services to be as data-saving as possible, so that only a minimum of personal data is stored on Microsoft servers beyond the content you generate. For details, please refer to the data protection information and the usage information for using Microsoft 365.

Can I also use Microsoft 365 as a student?

At the moment, we only make Microsoft 365 available to employees, but we are already working on opening it up to students.


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