LimeSurvey is a browser-based software for data gathering via online surveys. It enables users to create questionnaires within a comparatively short time and use them immediately online.

LimeSurvey offers more than 30 different types of questions (including matrix questions, scale questions, single or multiple choice, numeric input queries and open questions for free text) and supports more than 50 different languages. You can conduct surveys with an open or closed user group and define conditions for questions based on previous answers.

Of course, you can evaluate the collected data directly in LimeSurvey or export it for further use in Excel, SPSS, amongst others. You will find a complete list of features on the website.

Possible Applications

LimeSurvey serves essentially for the gathering of any kind of data. Here are a few examples:

  1. The introduction and use of software in teaching or research projects
  2. Marketing/market research surveys
  3. Satisfaction/feedback surveys
  4. Psychological tests (for example suitability or other diagnostic tests)
  5. Queries on applicant qualifications
  6. Evaluations and quality development/assurance of programmes, events or interventions
  7. Invitation management for events (“I am coming and bringing X persons along, we would like to eat Y and need Z overnight stays”)

How can i use Limesurvey?

All members of Leuphana University of Lüneburg can use this service with their Leuphana account in the Academic Cloud. You will find more information under “Instructions and information”.