For Students

Do you need a specific book for your written assignment / degree thesis etc, and it is neither in the library on campus, nor in the Rote Feld library? Then you have the possibility to suggest this publication for acquisition.

The proposed new acquisitions are made as electronic books if possible. If the new publication is not available as e-book, then we will buy the print version.

Please note that:
The publication will only be acquired after a review, because we cannot buy every title suggested.

The person who suggested buying the publication will not receive any notification. However, we will do our best to make your wishes available at the library at short notice.

No journals will be ordered.


Suggest a book


Ordering via myStudy

You can order the books needed for your course via myStudy. A maximum of five publications can be ordered per course.

In order to avoid unnecessary duplicate publications in the library, please check whether the title is already available in the university library before placing an order.

Please indicate the following information concerning the publications you are ordering to ensure their smooth and swift acquisition: author, title, publisher, place of publication, year of publication, ISBN and edition.

You will find more information on this topic in myStudy, amongst others in the User Guide for Teaching Staff.


When placing orders for new acquisitions, please contact your faculty's or department’s library delegate, who will collect the suggestions for book acquisitions and forward them to the acquisition section of the University Library.

This document provides a list of all library delegates.

Our staff is available at any time via to give you information on the procedure of acquisitions.

Contact Central Library