Plotting Service

The large format printing service (plotting service) of the Computing and Media Centre is a service facility for both staff and students. Professional 12-colour pigment ink systems (solvent-free) are available. If desired, the large prints can be additionally covered with matt laminate or mounted on various carrier plates for permanent presentation (up to external dimensions of approx. 98 x 138 cm). For example, we can produce presentation boards, signs, plans, photo displays, etc. for indoor use that are stable, UV-resistant and wipeable.


Cost billing for institutes and facilities
The costs for institutes and facilities of Leuphana are rebooked by us by specifying the cost centre. Please send us this 8-digit number with your order email.

Cost-neutral posters for students
Since 1.10.2018, study quality funds have fortunately once again been made available annually for the production of study-relevant posters for students. This means that the costly procedure of paying for posters for students has become obsolete. Nevertheless, our new pricing system of 15.5.2017 applies, which stipulates that the main cost aspect – namely ink consumption (also from an ecological point of view) – is taken into account. We distinguish between "normal printing" (besides the text, up to approx. 50% of the poster is used with images, colour backgrounds or graphics) and "full-surface printing". Here, 60-100% are covered with colour (the latter e.g. in the case of a full-area poster background). The study quality funds cover "normal printing" up to size A0. Any surcharges for "high colour coverage" would still have to be paid with the Leuphana Card via the procedure mentioned below (see "Possible additional cost billing for students").

Possible additional cost billing for students

If poster orders are sent to the email address that are judged by the plotting service to have more than 60% colour coverage, you will have to pay for these additional costs yourself. You will then receive a reply email from the plotting service with the order description and the amount to be paid (e.g., depending on the amount of ink expected for the print). Before plotting, the student must print out this reply email and present it at the equipment lending desk of the AVM Service. There, the amount shown is paid in cash or by Leuphana Card. Please drop the payment receipt (your email with attached receipt) in Mr Zielke's mailbox immediately afterwards. His mailbox on the ground floor of Building 7 is marked with the words "Plot orders" and an orange dot. After emptying (Mon, Wed and Thu), production of the poster will begin on these days. Depending on the volume of orders in the plotting service, you should expect a completion period of up to one week after payment. You will receive a reply email from the plotting service when it is ready for collection.
You can bypass this procedure and receive your posters free of charge if you choose a common colour scheme for the poster (and do not, for example, submit a completely dark blue poster with white lettering).

Cost structure
The following tables list common poster sizes with the costs for possible colour surcharges and further processing. By the way: We print and cut any size (not only DIN A or B) for you - the only restriction at the moment: a roll width of 91 cm. We charge € 13/sqm (+ colour surcharge if applicable).

Printing and finishing

PrintHigh Ink
DIN A084118€ 13,00+ € 06.00+ € 10.00
DIN B170100€ 10.00+ € 04.00+ € 08.00
DIN A15984€ 07.00+ € 03.00+ € 06.00
DIN B25070€ 05.00+ € 02.00+ € 04.00
DIN A24259€ 04.00+ € 01.50  -

All above prices are for printing on 180 g poster paper. The additional costs for a matt foil laminate can be found in the last column.

Cardboard and plate mounting

Standard sizes1 mm cardboard5 mm plate*10 mm plate*
Size 3 (up to 98 x 138 cm)  -€ 33.00€ 40.00
Size 2 (up to 68 x 98 cm)€ 10.00€ 17.00€ 20.00
Size 1 (up to 48 x 68 cm)€ 5.00€ 9.00  -

*KAPA lightweight foamboards

To calculate the total costs, use the next largest print (e.g. for size 2: print DIN B1, € 10 + laminate, € 8 + 5mm plate, € 17 = € 35 total price).


File format
Please supply a PDF in the original size of the desired print. If your template was larger, please let us know in the order email in which size you would like the poster. Although it is technically possible for the plotting service to scale up smaller PDFs, this often leads to a deterioration of the result due to insufficient image resolution.

Please note: If you are working with tools that work as so-called "virtual printers" (e.g. PDF24, PDF4U etc.), then these utilities are usually preset in such a way that they reduce the original data (e.g. of your correctly created A1 PowerPoint slide) down to an A4 page again! Please check the actual size of the PDF before sending it to us. To do this, move the mouse to the bottom left corner in Acrobat Reader. The exact size will be displayed there. You can also get this information by pressing Ctrl D (Windows) or ⌘ D (Mac).

If the poster is a pure image file, choose JPG in quality level 10 to 12 at 150 dpi for the output size. Here you can send us the JPG directly and do not have to implement or convert it into a PDF first.

File names
Please do not name your poster "Poster.pdf" or "Final Version.pdf" etc. Please choose a meaningful "speaking" file name, which ideally includes name, print size and poster theme, e.g.: "MeierNadine_A1_Business_models.pdf" Please do NOT put any other dots in the file name except the one before "pdf" or "jpg"!

Image resolution
If you have included photos in your poster, they should be at least 150 dpi in relation to the final format. This means that photos placed on a DIN A4 sheet when layouting a DIN A0 poster, e.g. in MS Word, must have 600 dpi so that the print later has the necessary image resolution (namely a quarter of 600 dpi) at 400% size again. The absolute minimum is 75 dpi in the final format, below that the image pixels become unpleasantly large.

Colour space
The graphics and photos included in your poster must ALL conform to the RGB colour space. Do not use CMYK! Under no circumstances should photos of both colour spaces be mixed on one poster. This will result in a print with pale, false, colours, which does not entitle you to any recourse or reprinting.

Order processing
Stefan Zielke can be reached during office hours at 677-1218 to clarify any questions in advance. Enquiries or orders with finished print data can be sent directly with file attachments up to approx. 10 MB to by email.

Picking up the plots
In the case of posters for staff whose orders are to be processed via a cost centre, you will also find a corresponding rebooking form on the poster roll, which you need to sign at the media lending desk and leave there! We will rebook the costs for you! If you need a copy of the rebooking form for your records – which is seldom the case – please write this request (together with the order!) to We will then enclose an additional copy for you to take with you.


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