eduroam is a service enabling Wi-Fi and internet access while staying at another university or research institution. In Germany alone, almost 1000 universities and research institutions now participate in the eduroam network ( ).

At each institution in the eduroam network, you can connect to the internet by accessing the WiFi on site with the name "eduroam" and authenticating yourself with your Leuphana-Account and the associated password.

For this purpose, your computer does not need any additional software, but – in some cases – the Leuphana certificates.

In order for your own account to be recognised as a Leuphana account by the external institutions and passed on to the Lüneburg authentication server, you must type in your account name with the Leuphana extension; that is to say, use your Leuphana email extension: (for example

In return, visitors from other institutions participating in eduroam can log on to the Internet at Leuphana University.

The connection with password transmission and the eduroam Wi-Fi connection are encrypted.


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