With the ‘myShare’ service, you can upload files up to 6 BG over the internet to an internal server by using a browser and then send the relevant link by email to a recipient. The uploaded file remains available for download for a modifiable period between 1 hour and 30 days, after which it is automatically removed from the server. To prevent misuse, this service is only offered within the campus network (including the WiFi network and VPN); for external use, a one-time upload code can be generated and distributed.

How does MyShare work?

The operation is very simple and is done following these steps:

  • Call up the myshare.leuphana. de website.
  • Select the file you want to share from your hard drive.
  • Set the file’s availability time.
  • Upload the file.
  • Copy the download link and send it by email to the recipient (s) or by clicking on a pre-set email containing a download link.

Why you should not exchange files by email or via free platforms like

The email service is not designed to send (large) files. Especially on the recipient's side, a large file can exceed the capacity of the inbox and thus prevent the receipt of further e-mails. If the recipient's network connection is slow, long download times are required or an expensive connection (abroad / mobile phone network) will cause high costs. With myShare, recipients can decide when a download is convenient for them.

Free file-sharing services, such as "senduit. org" or "yousendit. com", often limit the file size to 100MB for free use, so that the user has to divide large files into multiple smaller-size chunks before uploading. In this case, several downloads would have to be triggered during the download; often with a delay. Furthermore, since it is not possible to know if the external provider will exploit the file contents , it is always necessary to encrypt the data beforehand for security reasons.

How can an external person send me a large file?

Normally, this new service is only activated when accessed from the university network. However, if you want an external person to send you a large file, such as research data, by accessing myShare from the university network, you can get a one-time code and then send it to the external person. With this code, they can then log in to myShare externally, perform a one-time upload, and then send the download link as usual.


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