The MIZ provides you with several supervisory scanners in the library.The machine scans the documents from above (overhead scanning), which enables the document-friendly digitalisation of valuable books, colour maps and drawings up to size A3. The scanned data can be stored on a USB stick. If necessary, you can borrow USB sticks from the library information desk.

Flatbed scanners are available on some PCs in the library's reading room, as well as in the public workrooms. In some cases, these devices can also be used to scan transparencies (diapositives).


Multifunctional printing and copying devices are available on the Leuphana campus.

In order to use the printing service of the MIZ, you need the Leuphana Card  in addition to a Leuphana Account. You can print from the public computers (printer selection QPilot_sw or QPilot_color) as well as from your own laptop via the QPilot interface.

In addition, you can copy or print documents in the library using  coins or the copy card purchased from VarioPaper. (Instructions).

Our plotting service can handle large format prints.

prize MIZ since 1. April 2023

black / white8 ct/print16 ct/print
colour20 ct/print40 ct/print


Several multifunctional devices are available in the library for copying documents. Copies can be paid for either with the Leuphana Card (students only), a copy card purchased from VarioPaper, or with coins.