Academic Cloud

Academic Cloud is a directory service and file management system. Folders in the cloud can be synced with your PC to keep them current.

Information on Academic Cloud from MIZ (in German)

Instructions for Academic Cloud on the intranet


With Actionbound it is possible to create digital scavenger hunts, quizzes or multimedia tours for students. The tool uses gamification approaches and can therefore help to increase student motivation and engagement with learning content.

Information on Actionbound with didactic notes


Collaboard is a GDPR-compliant digital whiteboard with key features such as working with sticky notes, inserting text, images and other media that can be shared with external participants.

Information on Collaboard with didactic notes

Manufacturer documentation for Collaboard with application scenarios

Overview of digital whiteboards at Leuphana University


Cryptpad makes it quick and easy to create documents or spreadsheets and share them with other participants. The file management function also allows documents to be uploaded.

Information on Cryptpad with didactic notes

Manufacturer documentation for Cryptpad


EvaExam allows you to create e-exams and e-tests from different types of questions and is particularly suitable for large groups.

Interactive Video Suite/Videoannotation

The Interactive Video Suite is a video annotation tool for intensive use in the classroom, allowing students to comment on and edit questions asked directly in the video.

Information on Interactive Video Suite (IVS) with didactic notes

Information on video in media production

Lehrwiki (teaching wiki)

The teaching wiki is a tool for structuring, sharing and collaboratively developing knowledge in the seminar.

Information on teaching wiki with didactic notes

Instructions for teaching wiki on the intranet

Microsoft 365

MS 365 is a suite of services that can be used in the classroom, including a video conferencing system, Office applications, file management, chat and other applications such as a whiteboard.

Information on Microsoft 365 from the MIZ

Instruction for Microsoft 365 on the intranet


Moodle is the central Learning Management System (LMS) at Leuphana University. It is used to digitally support teaching and learning processes, to manage learning processes and much more.


With myPortfolio, students can create digital portfolios to record and report on their learning progress and achievements.

Information on myPortfolio with didactic notes

FAQ on myPortfolio


The digital platform myStudy offers comprehensive support for the organisation of teaching at Leuphana University Lüneburg: information, communication and administration tools for monitoring your courses and planning your office hours for students.

Instructions on myStudy and contact on the myStudy portal

myVideo / Panopto

myVideo is based on the Panopto software. It is a platform for audio and video recording, playback and management.

Informationen zu myVideo / Panopto durch den Lehrservice

FAQ zu myVideao / Panopto

Informationen zur Medienproduktion mit didaktischen Hinweisen zum Einsatz in der Lehre


Particify is a GDPR compliant classroom response system that can be used to quickly design surveys and get feedback from students.

Information on Particify with didactic notes

More information on Classroom Response Systemes with didactic notes.


WEKAN is a GDPR-compliant project management tool in Kanban format with a wide range of applications, e.g. for organising projects in education.

Information on WEKAN with didactic notes

Instructions for WEKAN on the intranet


Zoom is the central videoconferencing system at Leuphana, available to all lecturers.

Function overview of Zoom and possible uses

FAQ on Zoom (in German)