With myVideo (based on Panopto software), Leuphana provides a video platform on which lecturers can make audio and video files available to students. Depending on the settings, students can watch or download the videos provided there. In contrast to YouTube, myVideo can be set up in a non-public area where, for example, only people with a Leuphana account have access. It is also possible to grant access to videos only to individual persons or to make video and audio files publicly accessible.
The Moodle courses and FAQ linked on this page are only in German.

myVideo in Moodle

You can access myVideo/Panopto from within Moodle. In Edit mode, you can add a Panopto block using the 'Add Block' function. You can find out more about adding a Panopto block to your Moodle course on our FAQ page (German only). Please log in to Moodle for College/Graduate School with your Leuphana account to upload and manage your video and audio files and to adjust settings such as sharing options.

Key Functions

myVideo/Panopto allows you to upload your audio and video files to myVideo/Panopto and make them available to your students either as a stream or for download. You can also change the settings of an uploaded video at any time. In addition to the ability to share video and audio on myVideo/Panopto, the software also provides a recorder for making your own video and audio recordings. For example, you can record your screen (screencast) or yourself (selfcast). You can also use Panopto's myVideo editor to edit (e.g. cut) the recording you made in myVideo/Panopto (or an uploaded recording). To find out how to make these recordings on different operating systems and how to edit your recordings, follow our linked tutorials.

Information and instructions

To learn how to use myVideo, you can use our tutorial courses on Moodle. The myVideo/Panopto Teacher Tutorial Moodle course gives you all the important information you need to navigate the myVideo/Panopto interface, integrate and host videos from myVideo/Panopto in Moodle, record videos and customise video settings such as sharing options. Built-in tutorials and explainer videos illustrate the platform. The myVideo/Panopto Video Upload Moodle course explains how students can use myVideo/Panopto and, if they wish, post their own videos online. If your students are having difficulties using myVideo, our FAQ page (German only) provides help on how to use Panopto as well as the most frequently asked questions about myVideo settings and functionality.