The Leuphana Salon

A new campus format

Teaching is influenced by many parties: teachers as well as students, central institution employees, individual actors and their initiatives. The Leuphana Salon offers everyone the opportunity to influence teaching development, be represented centrally and receive feedback regarding their activities, current considerations and perspectives. The Salon is supported by the network “Leuphana... on the right track!” and uses an open format without strict rules allowing all actors to make use of this campus-wide opportunity for exchange and to present their ideas. The Leuphana Salon forms part of the project “Leuphana... on the right track!“ (LadW). The LadW network advertises Salon events and offers its past experience to contribute to the Salon’s success. If you are interested in participating in the Leuphana Salon, please contact Norbert Sattler, Head of Communication in the LadW project. 

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  • "Survey results on digital teaching and digital studies" on June 29, 2022

"Survey results on digital teaching and digital studies" on June 29, 2022

14-16:00 by Zoom

How have teachers and students fared in digital teaching and studies in 2021 under Corona conditions? What wishes and ideas do teachers and students have for the future with regard to digital and hybrid teaching/learning offerings and examinations? In order to learn more about this, in addition to the central student surveys conducted by Leuphana Teaching Evaluation, a central faculty survey was also conducted by Teaching Service and Team Q in 2021.

As part of the project "Digital Transformation Lab for Teaching and Learning" (DigiTaL), Dr. Ina Cramer (Evaluation Officer, DigiTaL/Team Q) will present key findings from these faculty and student surveys. Afterwards, we invite you to a collegial exchange and discussion.
The format allows for an open, university-wide exchange of different perspectives and viewpoints on the empirical values of the digital semesters. We are looking forward to a lively participation of teachers, students and other stakeholders of our university!
The Leuphana Salon will take place on June 29, 2022 from 2pm to 4pm via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 978 6344 2811
identification code: 856977

All those interested in Leuphana are invited! We look forward to your participation - registration is not required.

For further inquiries, please contact Christina Durant, project coordinator for the DigiTaL project.