The Leuphana Salon

Teaching is influenced by many parties: teachers as well as students, central institution employees, individual actors and their initiatives. The Leuphana Salon offers everyone the opportunity to influence teaching development, be represented centrally and receive feedback regarding their activities, current considerations and perspectives. The Salon is supported by the network “Leuphana... on the right track!” and uses an open format without strict rules allowing all actors to make use of this campus-wide opportunity for exchange and to present their ideas. The Leuphana Salon forms part of the project “Leuphana... on the right track!“ (LadW). The LadW network advertises Salon events and offers its past experience to contribute to the Salon’s success. If you are interested in participating in the Leuphana Salon, please contact Norbert Sattler, Head of Communication in the LadW project. 

Find out more about the Salon events here.