Teaching Profile

Leuphana is unique in the German-speaking area: Its study concept and approach based on an extensive concept of education of a humanist, sustainable and action-focused university is ideally suited to 21st century civil society. This alone provides a sound basis for the “Teaching Conditions and Teaching Profiles” again formulated by the Science Council in 2017. Their objectives are to offer a “clear internal understanding of the teaching institution itself, interdisciplinary didactic guidelines and basic qualification targets, if applicable”.

Moreover, Leuphana has set itself targets in accordance with the University Development Plan to develop its technical and didactic teaching profile further in view of: interactions of interactive communication formats for teaching, learning and exchange, and of digital teaching and learning formats, as well as interactions between people from different backgrounds, between theory and practice and between different subjects. The following five interaction fields can be deduced from this – supplemented by further comprehensive areas for actions such as (competence-based) testing and research teaching and learning. These are focused on teaching at a university and developing the teaching curriculum at Leuphana, while at the same time functioning as its framework:

  • Dialog-focused teaching
  • Digital teaching
  • Diversity-focused teaching
  • Experience-based teaching
  • Inter- and transdisciplinary teaching.