With Actionbound it is possible to create digital scavenger hunts, quizzes or multimedia tours for students. The tool enables "mobile learning", "story telling" and "gamification" approaches and can therefore help to increase students' motivation and engagement with the learning content.

Leuphana offers all students and lecturers the opportunity to work with the full Actionbound licence free of charge. The tool can be accessed via the Actionbound icon in AcademicCloud and you can create your own account. In some cases, licences can be obtained through the MIZ ( The licence is required, among other things, for use in a professional context and for creating Bounds that are not publicly accessible.

Actionbound's Functions

Actionbound allows you to create digital adventure tours (called Bounds), which can consist of a series of stations with puzzles, quizzes and other tasks. The range of features includes

  • Integration of multimedia elements (images, videos and audio) to increase interactivity
  • Geo-location feature (with GPS) to link tasks and stations spatially
  • QR codes for quick and easy participation
  • Set time controls to keep to a timeframe
  • Statistics and analysis of participation and progress
  • Some features can be used offline for locations without internet access

Video tutorials on various topics and features can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Possible Uses of Actionbound

With Actionbound, you can create creative and adaptable learning scenarios and develop students' teamwork, problem-solving, communication and time management skills, for example, by using them for

  • Field trips and research
  • Virtual orientation rallies
  • Self-directed learning, such as digital escape rooms
  • Project and group work
  • Course feedback and evaluation
  • Cross-platform use, including mobile devices and PCs

You can find out more about using Actionbound for teaching, gamification and storytelling in this guide (in German).