Features and Uses of Cryptpad

Cryptpad represent a low-threshold entry into web-based collaboration that does not require any prior knowledge. By sharing your Cryptpad with your students at agreed-upon times (e.g., when your event is taking place), you can interact directly with each other to encourage collaborative work. Interaction can help motivate students.

A Cryptpad can also serve well in the planning of courses: it is suitable both for short, quick agreements and coordination as well as for more elaborate tasks such as the joint development of a seminar or conference plan. After the end of the event, the pad can remain as documentation and continue to be used.

Users are initially anonymous, but can create a personal account on Cryptpad and mark their contributions with a name abbreviation. A Leuphana account is not required to use Cryptpad.

You can share Cryptpad as a link, set an expiration date or protect it with a password. Please do not publish sensitive data on a public pad, as it can be accessed by anyone with knowledge of the address.

Unlike Etherpad, Cryptpad offers several modules where you can structure your content. Students can create their own pads for their group work. On Cryptpad Drive, materials can be uploaded by themselves and organized in folders.

Cryptpad's Functions

The central functions of Etherpad are:

  • easy-to-use rich-text-editor
  • spreadsheets 
  • code or text documents with Markdown
  • Markdown slides 
  • Simple forms and appointment polls
  • Kanban boards
  • Diagrams
  • Crypt-Drive 
  • Creating teams and working in teams

Clicking the buttons on the tool website will take you to the individual modules.
In this video you will find instructions on how to work with teams in Cryptpad.