Classroom Response Systems in Teaching

You want direct feedback from your students during your courses?

Classroom Response Systems (CRS) enable you to increase the activation and participation of your course participants by receiving direct feedback from the lecture hall during the course of a lesson. This enables you to obtain your students' opinions, assessments, knowledge levels and feedback and subsequently respond. The use of CRS can promote the examination of learning subjects and stimulate discussions among students and with the teacher. CRSs are particularly suitable for courses with many participants.

Particify is a browser-based and DSGVO-compliant classroom response system. The most important functionalities, such as live Q&A and live feedback as well as different types of quizzes and surveys are available to add to the interaction between teachers and students.

Particify is available in the Academic Cloud.

Particify's Functions

Particify works with so-called rooms in which polls are organized.
The teachers inform their course of the room number or the link to their room and the students vote, e.g. on their mobile devices. In addition to live polls, which can be implemented on the spot, so-called question series can be prepared in advance and used in due course.

  •    Live Q & A (questions are asked in real time and can be answered)
  •     Live feedback (ad hoc query e.g. for approval in four levels)
  •     Question series with different content
    •  Multiple Choice
    •  Yes/No
    •  Likert scale
    •  Open questions
    •  Flashcards 
    •  Word clouds
    •  Prioritization
    •  Slides
  •     Presentation of results
  •     Export of results
  •     Moderation of the voting

Here's a quick guide to Q&A and live feedback, which are quick and ad-hoc to set up.

Here you can find a video tutorial with the most important functionalities for creating surveys and presenting the results.


Possible Uses of Particify

Particify can be used in the context of courses, but also in the organisation of conferences or meetings, e.g. as an

    Icebreaker activity
    Real-time feedback
    Stimulating discussion
    Voting and decision making
    Assessment of learning progress

Other classroom response systems used at Leuphana can be found on this Teaching Service website.