Rocket.Chat is a powerful communication platform that allows all members of the university to communicate and collaborate with each other. In teaching, for example, you can use to contact your students synchronously and asynchronously, and to support peer exchange. is a platform of Leuphana University and is therefore not subject to data protection laws and is non-commercial. To use the service with your Leuphana account, users must register in the self-service portal before logging in for the first time. The MIZ instructions for using can be found on the intranet (access only from the Leuphana network/via VPN).

Functions of Rocket.Chat

  • Channels: Rocket.Chat allows communication in personal messages and groups called "channels". Channels can be public or private, and write permission can be restricted to certain members.
  • Direct Messaging: All members of the university can talk directly to each other in real time, allowing face-to-face communication for questions and exchanges.
  • Information platforms: For research groups or projects, Rocket.Chat provides a way to communicate ad hoc and create information platforms.
  • File sharing: The platform allows easy uploading and sharing of images, videos and other files.
  • Mobile access: Students and teachers can use Rocket.Chat from mobile devices.

After registering for Rocket.Chat (see below), you can write and receive personal messages from individual participants, as well as create and subscribe to private and (university) public groups.

Possible Uses of Rocket.Chat

  • Communication and questioning between lecturers and students
  • Group discussions and exchange of ideas
  • Creation of information platforms
  • Virtual office hours for individual consultation
  • Easy sharing of teaching materials
  • Collaborative projects and group work
  • Learner group support for exam preparation
  • Collect feedback and assessments
  • Managing projects and assignments in real time