School of Management and Technology

We Challenge and Inspire

As part of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, a leading institution for innovative research and teaching, we inspire business and society through the fusion of management and technology as well as entrepreneurial thinking and critical reflection. We build a community for inspiring ground-breaking ideas in business and society.
We combine disciplinary strengths from the fields of management, business informatics, engineering, and psychology into a unique interdisciplinary profile that advances knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking, and responsible action in business and society.
In research, we pioneer understandings of and solutions to the core challenges of our time, such the digitalization, demographic change, and climate change. In teaching, we challenge conventional wisdom and inspire entrepreneurial thinking as well as responsible action. In business and society, we team up with local and global partners to contribute to the regional development of Northern Germany.

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Academic Initiative Management & Entrepreneurship

The description, explanation, design and critical reflection of management and entrepreneurial action are at the core of the academic initiative Management & Entrepreneurship. This includes, for example, issues relating to the founding, growth and impact of companies as well as issues relating to financial, personnel and organizational management and the skills and behavior of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial activity requires discovering market opportunities, developing and implementing innovations, taking calculated risks, dealing responsibly with changes and shaping them. In this context, entrepreneurial action also means assuming responsibility for employees, the environment and society and helping to shape change responsibly.

The academic initiative Management & Entrepreneurship bundles its activities into four profile themes:
- "Behavior and governance"
- "Digital Transformation"
- "Entrepreneurship"
- "Technology and Innovation"

The academic initiative Management & Entrepreneurship is supported by the Faculty of Management and Technology; cooperation is lived beyond the faculty's borders - within Leuphana, (Northern) Germany and internationally. The Faculty of Management and Technology alone brings more than 60 professors into the initiative and covers a broad disciplinary and interdisciplinary spectrum of basic principles as well as innovative fields of research and action. The disciplines of business administration, engineering sciences, business informatics and business psychology are represented in terms of methodology and content. Starting from a disciplinary anchoring, interdisciplinary and problem-oriented work is carried out in order to contribute to scientific progress and to the solution of economically and socially relevant challenges in cooperation with research partners and social actors. More information on the goals

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