The Research Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE)

– where research excellence meets the art of venturing

Who We Are

At the Research Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE), we are convinced that entrepreneurship is the engine of any change and development in society. Entrepreneurship deals with starting new businesses – but this is not the only meaning of entrepreneurship. At the RCE, we have a broader idea of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship means undertaking something, it means identifying opportunities for bringing about change, and it means starting from scratch to create something new. This could be anything that improves people’s lives – new products or services, new initiatives to address current ecological problems, and new projects to overcome social challenges. The core idea of entrepreneurship is putting into practice opportunities that advance society – economically, ecologically, or socially.

At the RCE, we want to understand and promote entrepreneurship. We want to understand entrepreneurship by conducting high quality research about the underlying processes and success factors of entrepreneurship. We have a team of internationally renowned and prolific researchers, who are interested in the facets of entrepreneurship, in the details that ignite the engine and keep it going, and in the general picture of the role entrepreneurship plays in our society. We subscribed to the idea of evidence-based entrepreneurship. Our projects aim at providing an empirical basis for entrepreneurs, practitioners, policy makers, and scientists to make well-informed decisions in the entrepreneurship context.

Nothing is as old as yesterday’s (news-)paper. Therefore, it is essential to advance continuously our understanding of entrepreneurship. The best way to ensure continuous progress is to train students to become excellent future researchers. We believe in the principle of standing on the shoulders of giants. And we believe that future researchers should be even more gigantic than current researchers. Therefore, training new generations of researchers who will generate new insights into entrepreneurship and surpass our current achievements to promote entrepreneurship in future even better – that is our ultimate goal.

Our PhD training program

At the RCE, we offer high-quality training to future researchers interested in entrepreneurship. The training has three core components. Additionally, the training includes supplementary offers to enhance the PhD experience and provide a kick-start for the academic career. The three core components are a bi-weekly research colloquium, a yearly workshop with international guest researchers, and a yearly PhD conference involving an intensive writing workshop. The supplementary offers involve a research stay at an international partner university and a mentoring program. You will find more information about our PhD training program here.

Our research projects

Research enhances our understanding and understanding is the basis for reflective and knowledgeable action to change and promote something. Our research projects aim at enhancing our theoretical understanding of entrepreneurship in order to support entrepreneurs in the venturing process. We conduct research projects from a psychological, organizational, and strategic perspective. We believe that only an integration of the different perspectives leads to a comprehensive understanding and effective action to promote entrepreneurship. Our research projects cover areas, such as the entrepreneurial process, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training, university entrepreneurship, and evidence-based entrepreneurship. You will find more information about our current research projects here.

Our Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship

We believe that sharing ideas with other scholars is a central element for advancing our understanding of entrepreneurship. We want to foster an exchange of ideas and vibrant discussions about best practices and research in entrepreneurship. Our Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship is a yearly conference where researchers from all over the world meet and present their latest findings. Also, internationally renowned keynote speakers provide insights into their views and research on entrepreneurship. You will find more information about the Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship here.

See What We and Our Students Have Achieved

Everybody talks about excellence. Excellence means being exceptionally good and surpassing ordinary standards. We believe that excellent research leads to insights that help people to become exceptional entrepreneurs. Therefore, we aim to surpass ordinary standards in our research projects and in our PhD training program. Our researchers and PhD students have frequently demonstrated that their research projects meet and exceed the standards of the scientific community. We are particularly proud of our PhD students – they are the future already making significant contributions today. You will find an overview of the awards and prizes our team won here.