President's Office

The staff of the president's office support the work of the presidential board administratively, organisationally and strategically. Their core tasks include the coordination of the strategic university development and the management of the central university committees.

In the context of strategic university development, the staff members support central funding applications and projects, the acquisition and support of cooperation partners, as well as the preparation of development plans, guidelines and documents for the presidential board‘s decision-making. The president’s office supports the communication of the presidential board both within the university and externally, for example with relevant ministries, university policy actors and networks.

The offices of the central university committees (presidential board, senate, board of trustees) prepare meeting documents and draft proposed resolutions, support the meetings, ensure the implementation of the resolutions and advise on general committee matters.

The president’s office creates links between university management, the faculties, schools and service institutions, the university community and the general public.

Head of president's office / university and research development

  • Dr. Jutta Grünberg-Bochard

Other areas of responsibility: research service, cooperation service and teaching service


  • Angela Seeger

Committee management and science policy

Head of committee management and science policy / management of board of trustees

  • Dr. Matthias Becker

Management of presidential board

  • Katrin Severloh

Management of senate

  • Dr. Nadine Rippert
  • Dr. Fränze Wilhelm

University Development

General university development

  • Dr. Cornelius Berthold

General university development / School of Public Affairs and School of Sustainability

  • Dr. Andreas Bunge

General university development

  • Dr. Luise Reimers

General university development / School of Humanities & Social Sciences and School of Management & Technology

  • Dr.-Ing. Stephan Scheuner

General university development / School of Education

  • Dr. Fränze Wilhelm

General university development

  • Dr. Nadine Rippert

Visual Communication

  • Katrin Eismann

Personnel development for employees in science

  • Dr. Hannah Jacobmeyer

Major events organisation

  • Jan Geisler