Studying and teaching at the faculty of cultural studies

The faculty's Bachelor and Master programs are part of the innovative study models of Leuphana College and Graduate School. They focus on a thorough professional education as well as on the interdisciplinary interweaving of different knowledge complexes. Choices, scope for individual specialization and study models that emphasize the independence and personal responsibility of students with intensive supervision by the teaching staff are important characteristics of the Cultural Studies programmes.

Both faculty and students work together on the further development and improvement of the study programs: annual discussion groups (quality circles) are just as important components of high-quality studies as regular course evaluations and student surveys. Numerous courses of the School of Culture and Society have been awarded the "Leuphana Teaching Award" for innovative teaching in the past.


Bachelor degree programmes at Leuphana College

The School of Culture and Society is responsible for the following BA programs offered at Leuphana College:

Major Digital Media
Major Cultural Studies
Major Cultural Studies: Organization, Society, and the Arts
Major Studium Individuale

Minor Digital Media / Information Technology & Culture
Minor Philosophy
Minor Museum Studies
Minor Studium Individuale



Masters programmes at Leuphana Graduate School

The School of Culture and Society is responsible for the following masters programmes offered at Leuphana Graduate School:

Master Cultural Studies: Culture & Organization
Master Cultural Studies: Media and Digital Studies
Master Cultural Studies: Critical Studies – Arts, Theory, History