Dear participants,

The decision of the Prime Ministers to cut recreational sports from 2 November 2020 for around 4 weeks means that we have to either close down our sports program or convert it into an online program wherever possible:

  • The fitness area in Studio 21 must remain closed; we do not charge a fee for this period. The direct debiting will be suspended for the time being.
  • The sports program has to be cancelled for this period. However, we have organised an online alternative for most sports classes. The fee will be adjusted accordingly; we do not charge you until the end of the program period in January.
  • We convert most sports classes into online classes via Zoom. We will notify all participants of the current program on this matter via E-Mail. Since we do not have any limitation on the number of participants using the online format, you can join your new favourite sports class at short notice. You can find the schedule of our online program here.
  • The sailing theory can take place as planned. Due to the high demand, we offer an additional theory class.
  • Unfortunately, the massages are cancelled and the sauna has to remain closed during this period. We are still working on offering physiotherapeutic support on site. So stay tuned on this matter

If you have any questions or concerns, write to or come to our daily office hours: From 2 November 2020 until further notice, Monday to Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., or give us a call at: 04131.677-1106.

During our daily office hours we will continue the rental of sports equipment (balls, Kubb, Boßel-balls ...). Moreover, we will sell yoga mats and blocks at low prices at Studio 21.

By the way, you can still use our pre-produced online sports program, called "Homefit", on YouTube.