University sports for all of us!

Employee Sports

Take advantage of the opportunity to stay fit and healthy throughout your workday with us.

The Health Working Group and University Sports are very pleased to be able to offer all Leuphana employees an extensive employee sports programme. Book an exercise break at work together with your colleagues or take advantage of our varied courses - thus you can stay healthy and mobile at work and have time for friends and family in the evenings.

One hour of exercise per week can be counted as working time. In your free time, you can take advantage of the whole range of courses in this programme or in the university sports programme.


Court Games

Do you like to let others run? Then our court games like badminton, tennis or table tennis are just right for you! Here you can get to know the basics or train at a higher level. Depending on the season and semester, our courses take place in the campus hall, in the halls of the Kreideberg sports center and on the THC Lüneburg square in the Kurpark.


Running routes

You would like to go for a run, but don't know any good running routes? Try out our routes around the campus!

Whether short or long, beginner or advanced: We have the right route for you!

University sports for all of us

You study or work at Leuphana and would like to exercise, improve your fitness and health, or just clear your head? If so, join us and discover our numerous sports and health activities. At university sports, students and staff of Leuphana can do sports together, get exercise and thus create a healthy balance to the everyday life of studying or working. You can find us directly on campus.

We offer a wide range of activities including fitness and course training in Studio 21, team and health sports, relaxation and wellness opportunities, outdoor sports, fun events and sports excursions.

You know your way around and already know what you want? For more details you can directly visit our offers.

You can find terms of participation at

You want to learn more about us and be inspired? Please just read on.


Be fit and healthy

You are often stuck at your computer too long and need a useful distraction? Why not come round and discover the countless options to re-sort yourself and your body and to clear your mind? With our individual fitness training, the group fitness offers, and the health sports programme you can improve your fitness and health in a targeted manner. You want to take it more relaxed? Then enjoy a time-out in our sauna or a massage. Or if you feel a pinch and a twinge somewhere, our competent physiotherapeutic consultation will help you.

After all, fit and healthy is the best basis for studying!

Do sports on-site

You still have gaps in your schedule and are looking for activities for your free hours? We adapt our sports courses to the university courses, so that you can enjoy sports in between. Located on the main campus, you will find a varied programme, including sauna and relaxation facilities. At Studio 21 you can sign a fitness contract that is fair and tailored to your individual needs. There you can train independent of time without leaving the campus.

University sports – activities, which are available at where you are.

Try something new

School sports was not your thing? Or do you notice that your body needs much more exercise than you currently offer it? At university sports, we feel just as committed to new sports and exercise trends as we do to promoting classic sports. With about 150 courses per week in more than 60 sports, you will surely find exactly the right activity for you! A Propos "find": Use our Testival in the first week of the semester. This is your chance, without obligation, to try out what makes you curious and to choose what you really like.

Be open - a new sport can give you a whole new impression of yourself.


Make new friends

You are new at university and looking for opportunities to meet new people? Then you are at the right place!

Sports and exercising in a group offer a very special access to fellow students from different study programmes. You'll find like-minded people to do sports and spend your free time with. A good way to get to know each other is to participate as a team with new friends in our popular sports and fun tournaments.

And not to forget: Our sports excursions are a guarantee for unforgettable group experiences and exciting new contacts.

Because: At university sports you are always among friends!

Be active outdoors

You like to exercise out in the open air? Then Lüneburg is the right place for you and you will find many opportunities to do so with university sports. Take advantage of our open spaces on campus to practice beaching, kicking and weight training. And just around the corner you can explore the woods while running or go kayaking on the Ilmenau river. Naturally, we also offer a range of corresponding courses and we lend balls, boats and much more. In the summer months we organise our open-air university sports festival and we have a campus soccer league.

Granted: Mountains and the sea are sometimes more exciting - instead, enjoy our sports excursions!

You like to compete?

For you, sport has something to do with competition? If you are looking for a challenge, you can represent Leuphana in German University Championships. Another opportunity are our events and tournaments in Lüneburg. The "Hochschulsportfest" and the "Campus Football League" in summer, the "Baggern statt Bolzen-Turnier" and the "Nikolausi-Turnier" in winter are great events, where you can compete athletically in the best atmosphere. Find a team and register. We are looking forward to having you.

Attention: Fair Play is our top priority!

Stay relaxed

A good mixture of tension and relaxation is considered the "art of living". That's why we created a small garden where you can take a shower and rest after relaxing from training or studying in the sauna. You can also book a massage or a physiotherapeutic consultation, learn a relaxation technique and get to know different yoga styles and movement meditations. Learn in time to relax properly, for then you will master the demands of your studies much easier.

Insider tip: The sauna garden - an oasis in the middle of the campus.

Your passion at out place

You have been lacking opportunities to "move" your sport to your university location? Just have a look at our university sports programme and you might find what you are looking for. If this is not the case, contact us and start a course as a new trainer in your favourite sport. We are looking forward to your ideas and will try to make them work, because new sports initiatives are always very welcome!

Apply now if you study sports or have a trainer license, and start your course.