Institutes of the Faculty

Faculty of Education

Institute of Educational Sciences (IBIWI)

  • Empirical Primary School Education, in particular Gender Science, Prof. Dr. Birgit Althans
  • School Education, Prof. Dr. Kurt Czerwenka (Seniorprofessor)
  • General Educational Science, Prof. Dr. Cornelie Dietrich
  • Educational Research, Prof. Dr. Timo Ehmke
  • Teacher Education and School Development, Prof. Dr. Marc Kleinknecht
  • Educational Science, in particular Evaluation and Intervention, Prof. Dr. Poldi Kuhl

    Institute of the German Language and Literature and its Didactics (IDD)

      Institute of Theology and Theological-scientific Research (ITT)

      • Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Prof. Dr. Markus Mühling
      • Biblical Theology und Didactics, Dr. Heiko Wojtkowiak

        Institute of Psychology (IFP)

          Institute of Social Work and Social Pedagogy (IFSP)

          • Social Education, in Particular Gender Studies, Youth Welfare and Inclusion, Prof. Dr. Angelika Henschel
          • Social Administration and Social Management, Prof. Dr. Maria-Eleonara Karsten
          • Social Pedagogy / Social Education, Dr. Melanie Kubandt (Administrative Professor)
          • Social Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandermann

            Institute of Mathematics and its Didactics (IMD)

              Work Unit Sport Sciences

              Business Education Unit

              • Didaktik und Wirtschaftspädagogik, sowie Didaktik der Wirtschaftslehre