The Institute for Exercise, Sport and Health is dedicated to the training of students in the teaching of sport (both for primary, secondary and secondary schools as well as for vocational schools) and various aspects of sports science. In research and teaching, particular attention is paid to questions of sports pedagogy, sports sociology and sports didactics on the one hand, and to aspects of kinesiology, training science and health promotion on the other. 

In addition to school sports and physical education, important topics include popular sports, competitive sports and health education. Sports science coordinates and integrates contributions from various disciplines or develops interdisciplinary approaches to these fields.

Research Activities

Sports Science
Prof. Dr. Stephan Schiemann

Sport Pedagogy and Sport Science
Prof. Dr. Jessica Süßenbach


More information on current and completed projects can be found in the research database and on the people pages.


The Institute is particularly responsible for the following study programmes in the Bachelor and Master: