Sport Pedagogy and Sport Science

In the field of sports education and sports didactics, we deal with movement, play and sport in school and non-school settings. The design of teaching-learning processes in physical education classes, in all-day sports programmes or in sports clubs is researched with a view to educational potentials and transferred back into practice. The same applies to the institutional networking of sports players in an educational landscape (e.g. cooperation between all-day schools and sports clubs), with the aim of accompanying and initiating inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to educational and sports policy challenges in a theory-based and empirically sound manner.

The central concern is the development of a diversity-sensitive sports pedagogy that takes into account social categories of difference such as gender, disability as well as social and cultural orientations and thus makes a contribution to contemporary, sustainable sport in schools and society.


  • Prof. Dr. Jessica Süßenbach

Research Assistants

  • Dr. Steffen Greve
  • Florian Jastrow
  • Henrike Diekhoff

student assistants

Jonas Bebert
Tjorven Göb
Stefan Schröder