Tuesday Seminar

Here you will find all the current dates of our "Tuesday Seminar". In the archive you will find an overview of previous events.

We look forward to welcome you at our current events. The "Tuesday Seminar" offers a place for the exchange of ideas and brings academic work to life. The colloquium series is coordinated by the Centre for Democracy Studies (ZDEMO), Professor Dr. Ferdinand Müller-Rommel.


Tuesday, 11. April, 16-18h, C.40.256
Klingemann Distinguished Lecture Tuesday
Professor Dr. Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University)
More Bark than Bite: Why Extreme-Right Populist Parties Achieve So Little In Foreign Policy


Tuesday, 18. April,16-18h, C.12.101
Professor Dr. Marina Henke (Hertie School Berlin)
The Psychology of Limited Nuclear War


Wednesday, 03. Mai, 16-18h, C.12.101
Professor Dr. David M. Rowe (Fulbright Nato Security Fellow, Brussels)
Liberalism, Liberal Democracy, and the War in Ukraine


Tuesday, 16. Mai, 16-18h, C.12.101
Professor Dr. Julie Kaarbo (University of Edinburgh)
Breaking Bad: Leader Personality Change and Political Effects


Tuesday, 30. Mai, 16-18h, C.12.101
Professor Dr. Simon Franzmann and Professor Dr. Felicia Riethmüller (University of Göttingen)
Symbolic or substantial? German subnational parties use of group appeals


Monday, 05. Juni, 14-16h, C.40.601
Professor Dr. Sebastian Elischer (University of Florida)
U.S. Security Sector Assistance and Military Coups in Africa. Findings from a Mixed-Methods Approach


Tuesday, 13. Juni, 16-18h, C.12.101
Dr. Endre Borbath (Science Center Berlin, WZB)
Environmental Mobilization in Europe