Frequently asked questions

  • During PhD studies
  • Until submission of my PhD thesis
  • After submission of my PhD thesis

Frequently asked questions

During PhD studies

How can I get credit for outside doctoral courses?
Hand in to the dean’s office the recognition form for achievements outside doctoral courses, documents of the external course, and an advocacy of the first supervisor that achievements of the external course are being recognized as equivalent to a specific doctoral course. The acknowledgement of equivalent achievements will be granted from the speaker of the doctoral research group.

How to extend my admission?
An extension for a one year-period is possible and could, if necessary, be repeated. Hand in to the dean’s office a reasoned apply for extension with advocacy of the first supervisor. The acknowledgement of extension will be granted by the chair of the responsible PhD committee.

Which modules do I have to take?
In toal 25 CP have to be earned in total:
- 5 CP Science Practice / Scientific Ethics
- 5 CP Theory of Science
- 5 CP Research Methods
- 10 CP for participating and presenting in two subject-specific research colloquium
You will find further information in the PhD regulations.

Which kind of funding is possible? 
For questions regarding the funding, please contact the Graduate School.

When will the PhD colloquium take place?
Check information on courses in PhD studies on mystudy 

How can I submit ideas for a seminar?
If you have any ideas for extra seminars, please send your proposal to the dean of the faculty and the representative of the PhD students (

Who is the chair person of my PhD commitee?
The relevant information you will find here.

Until submission of my PhD thesis

Where to hand in my PhD thesis? 
The thesis has to be handed to the dean of the Faculty of Sustainability, a printed and an electronic version. The dean’s office will forward the thesis to the PhD committee. The number of printed versions submitted is dependent on the valid PhD regulation.

Which further documents do I have to hand in? 
All relevant documents are listed in the PhD regulation (§9).

What else do I have to observe when compiling my doctoral thesis? 
Please design your title page according to the corresponding model in the annex of the valid PhD regulation. In the annex you will also find a model for mandatory declarations regarding the doctoral thesis. An abstract has to be included.  

What information must be included into the doctoral thesis?
A cover page, the declaration of originality and a German and an English abstract need to be enclosed to the thesis. 

How can I obtain the copyright for my article in case of a cumulative dissertation? 
Information about copyrights for your published articles, meant to be included within your doctoral thesis, can be foundon the webpage of the respective publisher, e.g. Springer or Elsevier.



After submission of my PhD thesis

How long will the PhD thesis be on display?
This depends on the respective PhD regulation. According to the valid PhD regulation of 2015, the doctoral thesis and its assessments has to be made available for four weeks before the oral defence can take place.  

What do I have to consider regarding further reviewers? 
In total three reviewers have to be named. All three reviewers have to be qualified in the extended scientific field of the PhD thesis to be assessed

How much time do the reviewers have to write their assessment
The reviewers are requested to write their assessment within three months

Do I have to be matriculated for the disputation? 
Yes, you have to. It is possible, however, to exmatriculate after the day of the disputation. Otherwise, you will be exmatriculated by the end of the semester.

PhD at the School of Sustainability

Represention of doctorate at school of sustainability

The representation of doctorate consults university committees in the area of doctorates.

Karoline Pöggel
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Simon Norris (stellv.)


Representation of PhD study group (cross-faculty)

FGV is organising social activities, information sessions, and workshops for all PhD students at Leuphana University.

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