School of Public Affairs

With the start of the summer semester 2022, Leuphana University Lüneburg establishes the Leuphana School of Public Affairs. By way of interdisciplinary cooperation of the three participating disciplines Economics, Law and Political Science the Leuphana School of Public Affairs (currently home to 26 professorships) establishes an innovative profile on issues of public affairs that is unique in Germany, highly visible and academically renowned.

The School conducts research on the major transformations of our time and thus continues to develop its existing research agenda on the future of democracy, evidence-based political decision-making and law in the context of societal transformation. In an interdisciplinary collaborative endeavour, the three subjects will, among other things, answer pressing questions about

  • the legitimacy and performance of democracies, whose integrative power is under threat, especially in light of recent upheavals in politics and society,
  • the role of the state with regard to the relationship between private-law and public-law regulation,
  • the justification of governmental intervention into market processes and their ex-post evaluation.

The School of Public Affairs is currently responsible for three Majors and four Minors at Leuphana College, four Master’s programmes and five Doctoral research groups at Leuphana Graduate School as well as five continuing education Master's programmes at Leuphana Professional School. As a novelty in Germany, the Master of Law offers students the opportunity to obtain both a Master's degree in law (LL.M.) as well as the state law examination. With its emphasis on "Law in Context", this model degree programme transcends a classic-dogmatic perspective of jurisprudence by presenting the relevant contents from civil law, public law and criminal law against the backdrop of current societal challenges and transformations.