By combining management, business informatics, engineering, and psychology, the profile topic unites disciplinary strengths into a unique interdisciplinary profile from individual, organizational, technological, and societal perspectives that illuminates the interfaces of management and technology. In this way, it pioneers understandings of and solutions for key challenges of our time, such as the digital transformation, demographic change, and climate change.

Key Topics

Digital Transformation and Data Science

We address the challenges of this mega-topic digitalization in economy and society. As we are dedicated to questions around digital transformation in the areas of BigData, Internet of Things and Social Media, investigating changing usage habits, resource-saving potential for increasing efficiency and automation possibilities. This orientation is reflected, among other things, in research projects, e.g. on Artificial Intelligence, Digit@l Entrepreneurship, E-Mental Health, E-Business, E-Commerce, Online-Marketing, Knowledge Management and E-Learning.


We understand entrepreneurship as a key competence to identify, seize and create opportunities that challenge existing and often unquestioned structures through unconventional thinking and critical reflection. Entrepreneurship is often seen as a driver of innovation and progress and is an area of moving beyond the status quo towards more digital and sustainable practices in business and society. In this sense, we see entrepreneurship as a way to add economic, environmental or social value. Entrepreneurship is a cross-cutting theme retouching research activities of many members of Leuphana which is additionally strengthened by many activities such as a start-up service, social change hub and cooperation service.

Organization Studies

With one of the largest, if not the largest group of organization scholars at universities and business schools in the German-speaking area, we have a dynamic research community dedicated to the study of organizational phenomena and their impact on social transformations. Special interest in research lies on processes and practices of organizing, sustainable forms of organizing and entrepreneurship, creativity and cultural change, digital transformation, and organizing for the future. We theorize and empirically study the intricacies of organizational phenomena, seeking to understand their fluid and evolving nature, as well as their impact on social transformations

Product Developement Process

We research along a sustainable product development process, which includes product development, supply chain and production management, manufacturing as well as on measurement, control, plasma, production and material technology. Within these fields, we aim to answer current research questions through both experimental work and the use of digital modelling. Our overarching goal here is to provide better solution strategies for complex problems within the field of engineering – also at interdisciplinary interfaces to business informatics, sustainability sciences and management. We collaborate closely with the Helmholtz Center Hereon and regional industrie.

Psychology and Societal Transformation

Comprehensive findings from the technical, natural, environmental, humanities and social sciences show very precisely which changes would enable a successful transformation in business and societey. However, the difficulty lies not in the knowledge, but in the implementation of these necessary changes. In other words, although people know what needs to be done, they are unable to implement, initiate and manage the necessary measures in an adequate manner. This is why the climate crisis, demographic change, migration, digitalization, etc. are also psychological challenges. For a successful transformation, the methodological research approach of psychology must be transformed in order to develop a comprehensive, integrative, holistic transformation theory inspired by various psychological sub-disciplines, which then allows the social challenges to be overcome. To this end, we are pursuing an interdisciplinary research program in which multi-causal intervention combinations are developed and tested in order to achieve the greatest possible social transformation effects of actual behavior.

Responsible and Sustainabilty Management

We explore and promote ways to operate and use management and technology in more sustainable and responsible ways. Among other things, we explore psychological and organisational success factors for sustainable behaviour and decision-making, draw attention to social entrepreneurship as a driver for sustainable and responsible management, shed light on ethical concerns related to digital technologies, and gain an understanding of more sustainable production and use of materials. We research on question of how sustainability can be anchored strategically and operationally in company reporting or in finance.  Responsible and sustainability management is a cross-cutting theme retouching research activities of many members of the faculty and Leuphana – especially at the school of Sustainability. We are member of the UN PRiME Initiative.

Research Projects

An overview of the research projects carried out at the School of Management & Technology can be found in our research database.


School of Management & Technology



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Dean of Research

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