Institute of Information Systems

At the Institute of Information Systems (IIS) of the Leuphana University we work on innovative topics in Information Systems and Data Science. The main focus is on digital transformation, e-health, e-commerce, business analytics, sports and e-learning. Methodologically, we focus on the development and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods for the modeling and solution of data-driven decision problems. Additional quantitative (e.g. graphs, optimization) and qualitative (e.g. interviews, reference modeling) methods complement this spectrum. Cooperating with other universities, companies, and institutions of the civil society plays an important role in our work.

Research Activities

"Artifical Intelligence and Explainability"
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Usbeck

"Machine Learning"
Prof. Dr. Ulf Brefeld

"Digital Transformation and Information Management"
Prof. Dr. Paul Drews

Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk

"E-Business and Knowledge Management"
Prof. Dr. Mathias Groß

„Network Science"
Prof. Dr. Peter Niemeyer

"Computer Engineering"
Prof. Dr. Ing. Ralph Welge


At the Institute of Information Systems there are currently 6 professors and numerous research assistants. Our main research areas include digital transformation, e-health, e-commerce, business analytics, sports, and e-learning. Details can be found on the websites of the work groups and in the central research database of Leuphana. The Institute of Information Systems organized a number of events and conferences at Leuphana (e.g. ITEE 2013, final round of the German National Computer Science Competition 2014, MKWI 2018).


We are involved in the Major Business Information Systems (Bachelor), Management & Data Science (Master), and Minor Digital Business (Minor Bachelor). With the DATAx project the institute contributes to the teaching of computer science skills, in particular programming and data analysis. In the area of continuing education, we are responsible for the Master Data Science and Certificate Program Data Analytics.

Doctoral degree

Research assistants, scholarship holders and external doctoral students have the opportunity to earn a doctorate (Dr. ret. nat. and Dr. rer. pol.). Further information can be found in the Doctoral College for Business Informatics.