On the site of the Technology and Innovation Park Nordheide (TIP) in the district of Harburg, multiple project partners create a unique ecosystem for the development of innovative products and services based on a 5G campus network. USIN5G is a lighthouse project for leveraging 5G technology in a commercial area. The USIN5G project comprises three sub-projects dedicated to the application fields "5G Smart Service Platform for Commercial Areas", "Smart Production and Buildings" and in "Smart Disaster Response".

In the Smart Production and Buildings application field, the partners are building a smart infrastructure management system with the help of free-field and building sensor technology. In the smart disaster response application field, the focus is on supporting emergency services by using new types of digital building plans based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 5G-networked sensor technology. The 5G Smart Service Platform for Commercial areas (5G-SePCA) platform serves as a central collection point for the acquisition, aggregation, and analysis of both high-resolution imagery and thermal data, as well as data from a large number of sensors connected via 5G Narrow Band IoT.

Prof. Drews is the head of the sub-project "5G Smart Service Platform for Commercial Areas" together with Prof. Heger and Prof. Xie. His research group is providing a smart service platform for a commercial area as part of the project. This platform provides basic and well-known functions of Internet-of-Things platforms, such as connectivity to sensors, data archiving, but also processing of real-time data streams and advanced functions for data analysis. In addition, the platform is designed for the specific deployment scenario in a commercial area. The inter-organizational scenario is characterized by some actors generating data and other actors combining and using this data. The goal of the subproject is to realize a platform that meets the requirements of cross-organizational and 5G-based application scenarios in a commercial area.


  • Prof. Dr. Paul Drews
  • Prof. Dr. Lin Xie
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Heger

Research Assistants

  • Laurin Luttmann, M.Sc.
  • Kenneth Richter, M.Sc.