Institute of Marketing

The Institute of Marketing’s goal is to find academically grounded, practically relevant answers to strategically important marketing questions. The Institute’s members concentrate their research and instruction on the core marketing questions, above all brand and sales management, market and consumer psychology and tourism management. At the forefront of its activities are the networking of different academic disciplines, as well as an overall orientation toward finding applications.

Research Activities

Business Administration, especially Marketing
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Brockelmann


The Institute of Marketing combines expertise from different areas of marketing research. The following topics and issues, which are predominantly interdisciplinary in character, are the focus of attention:

  •  Services marketing
  •  Tourism management
  •  customer relationship management
  •  Non-profit marketing
  •  Qualitative market research
  •  Advertising research
  •  Sales research
  •  Prerequisites for professional success in organizations

The research work of the institute's members is predominantly characterized by a pronounced application orientation.


The range of courses offered by our institute consistently addresses current challenges and market conditions, combining scientific demands with those of practice.

In addition to the teaching of core competencies in the areas of services marketing and international marketing, the curriculum also includes teaching content from the key areas of brand and sales management, market research, customer relationship management, market and consumer psychology and tourism management. This content is taught in traditional university courses such as lectures, tutorials and seminars. In the marketing focus of the master's program, innovative formats are also available in the form of the 'Teaching Research Project' and the 'Master's Forum', which further increase the research and practical orientation of the program.

The teaching of the members of our institute is characterized on the one hand by a solid theoretical foundation including current research results, but at the same time by a comprehensive application orientation.

This is based, among other things, on the extensive practical experience of the members of the institute. Examples of this application orientation in teaching are practice-oriented exercises such as case studies and business games, lectures by successful practitioners in courses, and application-oriented Bachelor's and Master's theses in which concrete business problems are worked on with the help of scientific concepts and methods.

All continuing education courses at Leuphana University of Lüneburg are offered by the Leuphana Professional School. Prof. Dr. Kerstin Brockelmann offers the module Social Marketing in the master's program in Social Management.

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