The main research topics of the institute represent:

  • Professorship of Business Administration, esp. Accounting, Auditing & Corporate Governance (Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte): Financial, Sustainability & Integrated Reporting, Financial Audit, Sustainability Assurance and Sustainable Corporate Governance
  • Professorship of Business Administration, esp. Managerial Accounting (Prof. Dr. Rainer Lueg): Sustainability Management & Control, Strategy Implementation and Strategic Performance Measurement Systems, Diffusion and adoption of management innovations, role of top management teams and external consultants, customer profitability analyis

You can find more information on the current and completed projects in the research database, on the personal pages and on the Research & Projects pages of the individual work areas.


The Institute is mainly responsible for the following study programs on the bachelor- and masterlevel:

Major International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship
Minor Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Major Management & Sustainable Accounting and Finance

Phd programm

After graduation of the master´s programm you will have the opportunity to attend the Phd programm in order to obtain the doctoral degree "Dr. rer. pol." in the following subjects:

Doctoral Research Group Management, Accounting & Finance