Bachelor and Master thesis supervision

Students choose an innovative and relevant topic from the fields of sustainability reporting, assurance, tax or sustainable corporate governance.

Students are requested to contact us and prepare an exposé (including a draft outline and bibliography) in good time before the start of the project. Approximately 2-3 consultation appointments are necessary before the official registration of the thesis. The scope of the Bachelor's and Master's thesis is a maximum of 10,000 words and must be written in English in journal style. Attendance at the Bachelor's colloquium and the Master's forum is required at the same time.

The audit and tax consulting firm Ebner Stolz, Hamburg, awards every year the three best bachelor theses which have been finalized at the Chair of Accounting, Auditing & Corporate Governance. You may find detailed information in the download area below..

Every year, the auditing and tax consulting firm Möhrle Happ Luther, Hamburg awards prizes to the three best Master's theses successfully completed at the Chair of Accounting, Auditing & Corporate Governance.
You can find more information in the download area below.

Here you can find a portrait of Annabelle Braasch, who published the topic of her Bachelor's thesis in an international journal with Prof. Velte.

Publications of Bachelor and Master theses at Junior Management Science e.V. (JUMS)

Junior Management Science (JUMS) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes bachelor and master theses in business and management.

Make the findings from your bachelor's and master's thesis available to society and academia.

Receive a certificate that your thesis is among the best in your field.

Take advantage of the JUMS network of authors, reviewers and professors.

Receive detailed and independent feedback from two experts.

Which theses are eligible?
English and German Bachelor's and Master's theses in economics and management from any university in the world and any graduation date.

You can find more information here


  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte