Business Administration, esp. Managerial Accounting

The professorship for Managerial Accounting is dedicated to all aspects of sustainable managerial accounting in research and teaching. Thereby, the research focus lies on Valuation, Value-based management, managerial accounting practices, and performance management and measurement. The professorship has a special interest in combining these research areas with elements of corporate sustainability (e.g. Sustainable Performance Measurement).

The professorship is characterized by a strong orientation toward academic research. In this sense, the chair strives for impactful publications in internationally renowned journals that foster the academic discourse about sustainable managerial accounting. Therefore, a rigorous methodological and theoretical education is offered to students that prepare them for an academic and practical career and enables them to take on further research in scientific employment at the university.



  • Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Rainer Lueg

Office Management

  • Dörte Zimmermann

PhD students and research assistants

  • Sophie Bornhöft
  • Mario Schuster, M.Sc.
  • Mario Trautberg, M.Sc.
  • Janice Wobst, M.Sc.
  • Jennifer Zeppenfeld, M.Sc.