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Further training for a fair society

In today's society, professionals in the social, education and healthcare sectors face a variety of complex and pressing challenges. In the social sector, social problems such as poverty or migration require attention and social justice must be promoted, while in education, for example, digital technologies place new demands on employees. And in the healthcare sector, we need to respond to an ageing society and digitalisation and find new approaches to healthy working.

Targeted further training in the areas of social affairs, health and education will prepare you and your organisation for changing needs and requirements in your respective areas in order to make a positive contribution to society. We build on your professional and life experience and expand your career prospects through targeted professionalisation and personal support.

Study programmes in Social Sciences, Health & Education at Leuphana Professional School ©Leuphana/Marvin Sokolis
Study programmes in Social Sciences, Health & Education at Leuphana Professional School

Versatile expertise for your further education: profile topic, research focus, centre

Years of expertise come to bear in your further education in the fields of social work, health and education at the Professional School. Thanks to its predecessor institution, the University of Education, Leuphana can look back on a long tradition in the field of social affairs. In addition, as one of Leuphana's five profile subjects, special attention is paid to research in the field of education. Here a research focus on social pedagogy is currently being expanded, which conducts basic and application-oriented research with a view to both occupational field-specific and training-specific topics. In addition, the Centre for Applied Health Sciences (ZAG) has been promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in the health sciences since 1992 and offers corresponding further education opportunities at the Professional School.

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Modular programmes in the area of social affairs, health & education

Thanks to the modular structure of our degree programmes and certificates, you can book various modules, for example in the fields of Law, Politics & Governance or Culture, individually on our continuing education portal or combine them flexibly to create your own individual certificate programme.

Bachelor programmes in the area of social affairs, health & education

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