Starting CPD studies at the Professional School

Shortly before starting CPD studies, new questions often arise, about which one had not thought about before. You must travel regularly to Lüneburg, possibly attend induction courses or you still have issues concerning organization. In order to support you in answering these questions, we have put a compendium of information together for you on this page and we invite you to attend the kick-off event, at which we can give information straight into your hand.

Kick-off event

Your CPD studies at the Professional School begin with the launch event: Depending on your degree programme, this kick-off can be either a course-specific event or the overarching opening event of the Professional School. The overarching opening event, for example, presents the Professional School and its special study model. It also informs about services for students and provides additional information on the learning platform and the examination arrangements. You will also learn more about the processes and content in your own degree programme and get to know the course management, coordination and teaching staff.

Next to speeches, the convivial side of the launching event has not been forgotten: the event programme features such items as a city tour or dinner for all participants, where students have the opportunity to meet their new fellows and get better acquainted with them, as well as make further contacts.

Accommodation and getting there

Attendance phases in CPD studies usually run over several days at weekends or are held in some programmes as week-long blocks. In most courses, these taught components are held at Lüneburg. Accordingly, you will have to travel to Lüneburg to attend these classes. The town can easily be accessed by car, using the connecting motorways (A39, A7, A24) as well as various regional and long-distance trains. From Lüneburg mainline station, you ride on buses or use the “City Wheels” bicycles to ride to the campus.

Most attendance phases last longer than one day, so you must stay in Lüneburg overnight for the duration of these taught components if you do not live close by. But since Lüneburg is a favorite holiday destination, the town features numerous accommodation possibilities – be they hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts or holiday homes. The Students’ Compass, a guide for first-year students, which will be handed to you at the launching event, has compiled an overview of overnight stay offers.

Preliminary courses

Some programmes may require attendance at preparatory courses before the programme proper begins. These courses aim at regaining or catching up on missing expertise knowledge. The preliminary courses at the Professional School are generally in the shape of straightforward online courses, so no on-site presence is required. The content is taught through e-lectures and you will receive the necessary learning materials via the learning platform. In order to pass the preliminary course’s exam, you usually need to complete and submit homework assignments.

Information about possible preliminary courses is provided by the coordinator of the relevant study programme. Please note that the preliminary courses are not part of the study programme and involve separate fees.