The Professional School’s Organs

At the Professional School, there are several organs, which perform different tasks. These bodies and their areas of responsibility and competence can be found on this page in more detail.

Central Study Commission of the Professional School

The Central Student Commission is responsible for all matters concerning teaching, study and general principles governing examinations. In particular, it deals with relevant regulations, specialized equipment and facilities. It is responsible for the Bachelor's and Master's programmes as well as the academic Certificate of the Professional School.

All members of the Central Study Commission are found here.

Senate Commission for Academic and CPD Knowledge Transfer

The Senate Commission is responsible for the manifold forms of knowledge transfer, as well as for over-arching issues and framework conditions of academic CPD programmes. They deal for example with the relief of taught components for activities or support in obtaining resources or teaching material.

All members of the Senate Commission are found on this website.

Examination Boards

The Masters, as well as Bachelors / Certificates have their own examination board at the Professional School, whose task it is to lay down the Examination Regulations. The Board decides, amongst others, on central examination rules and dates. It is in charge of the calculation of graded and examined work, and decides on the prolongation of graded homework or examination times and appoints the examiners. The Examination Board is principally responsible for all disputes related to examinations and examination law. In this function, it also rules, for example on students’ appeals. The Master in Auditing has its own examination board.

All members of the examination boards are found here.