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We are pleased that you wish to pursue the International Contract Administration Engineer Certificate Course at the Professional School of Leuphana University Lüneburg. You find all relevant information with regard to your application/registration and admission on this website.

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Instructions on how to apply to the Professional School using the myCampus system can be found here.

Application requirements

The application requirements for the International Contract Administration Engineer Graduate Certificate course are:

A degree

Admission to the International Contract Administration Engineer certificate programme usually requires a first degree in law, architecture, civil engineering, other engineering, economics or environmental sciences or a related field of knowledge. Applicants with relevant qualifications that are assigned to level six in the German and European Qualifications Framework, located at the same level as a bachelor's degree, can be admitted to the certificate course.

At least one year of relevant professional experience

Applicants should have at least one year of relevant professional experience to gain access to the International Contract Administration Engineer certificate course. Professional experience is considered relevant if it has been gained in the construction law or construction management sector and has been acquired after the first academic qualification (or an equivalent qualification).

Language skills

All courses and exams take place in English.

At least one of the following proofs of English language command must be submitted together with the application for registration:

  • Documented residency in English-speaking countries of at least six months,
  • Documented occupation in an English-speaking organisation of at least 12 months duration,
  • English-language publication in a recognized scientific or professional journal/medium,
  • English-language university studies (full-time in Germany or abroad) of at least one semester with successfully completed examination,
  • or a satisfactory result in one of the following test procedures:
    • TOEFL internet based with at least 80 points,
    • IELTS (Academic Version) with at least 6.0 points,
    • CAE / CPE with at least level B2,
    • TOEIC-4 Skills Test with at least 720 points in the Listening and Reading area and 310 points in the Speaking and Writing area.
    • Upon request, other common test procedures with an equivalent point value can also be recognized.

English native speakers do not need to prove their language skills. Proof of German language skills is not required.

Start of programme and application deadline

Application / Registration Deadline is January 31st. The course usually begins in May.

Late applications are possible in individual cases and after consultation with the programme coordinator. Please contact the programme coordinator.

Application documents

  • Online application
  • Curriculum vitae presenting your academic and professional career
  • Certified copy of your highest academic/educational degree
  • Certificate or other evidence of professional experience in construction management or construction law
  • Proof of English language skills


After we have received your application, we will send you a written acknowledgement. If we should require further documents from you, we will contact you immediately. After we have examined your completed application, we will inform you whether you have been accepted to the certificate course four weeks prior to the programme’s start.

Once accepted, you will receive the necessary documents which you have to fill out and return. Once the semester fees for the first semester (approx. 210 €) are transferred, you will receive your official student ID etc. With these documents you can apply for a Schengen-visa, if necessary (many nationals do not need a visa for a stay of 2 weeks).

Students who need a visa for the entry to Germany may receive additional assistance from the University. Please make a special request.

You may obtain a German student visa as a foreigner having received a letter of complete admission for attending lectures at Leuphana University. Visas are generally available for full-time university studies or preparatory measures before such studies, i.e. foundation course, etc.

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Instructions on how to apply to the Professional School using the myCampus system can be found here.

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