Master Sustainable Chemistry Management: Experiences

Why did others choose the distance learning MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management programme? What are their experiences from the part-time Master's programme at Leuphana Professional School? Find out more in the testimonials of our students, alumni and lecturers.

"An incredibly valuable and important degree in today's world"

Karan Patel, Student in the MBA SCM ©privat
Karan Patel, Student in the MBA SCM

The MBA in SCM programme at Leuphana is an incredibly valuable and important degree in today’s world. The programme emphasizes the importance of sustainability and its role in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs). SCM is the application of principles like green chemistry, environmental science and sustainability to the management of chemical products and processes. It is an emerging field that recognizes the need to balance economic, environmental factors. By pursuing an MBA in SCM, you will develop a unique set of skills and knowledge that can be applied across wide range of industries, manager supply chain, assess environmental risks and develop sustainable business strategies.

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