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How can I drive change within the current legal framework? For example, what opportunities do I have to advance the energy transition, how do I operate my company in increasingly globalised markets and how can I contribute to the protection of human rights? At Leuphana Professional School, you will find a unique portfolio of legally oriented part-time degree programmes and continuing education courses, from business and tax law to construction law, sustainability law and governance. Our courses are aimed both at lawyers who want to focus on specific areas and create an individual profile with an LL.M. degree as well as professionals from other professional backgrounds who want to acquire legal expertise and/or enter the field of law.

Law degree programmes at the Leuphana Professional School ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger
Law degree programmes at the Leuphana Professional School

Law at Leuphana

At Leuphana, the profile subject state encompasses the fields of political science, law and economics. With your part-time further education in law, you will benefit from internationally recognised research in this field and the extensive expertise of internationally renowned professors. Since the summer semester 2022, the Faculty of Political Science has also created a profile that is new in Germany, emphasising the legal focus and integrating the path to the first state examination in law into an interdisciplinary Bachelor's and Master's degree programme with a new model of law studies.

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Modular programmes in the area of law

Our degree programmes and certificates in law have a modular structure. You can choose from various individual modules in the subject areas

book them individually or combine them flexibly to create your individual certificate programme.

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