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Professional Continuing Education: Seminars & Workshops

Continuing education in seminars

Does your business need fresh ideas and innovation? Do you want to improve your professional presentation or improve you management style? Do you want to get ready for the challenges of social media? We have quick solutions for you: in compact seminars you can learn about up-to-date technical issues that you can put to immediate use in your work.

Our seminars are designed for the working person, who wants to continue learning at the university level in a practical way—for those just starting a career or for top managers. Our wide-ranging selection includes seminars and lecture series on topics ranging from leadership skills to marketing and coaching to advanced seminars on cartel law for judges.

Additional seminars for Masters students

Masters students in the Professional School who need credits can take additional seminars. For more information please contact Dr. Kathrin Becher.

Our seminars

The following seminars are currently offered in English:

Procurement Law

This seminar in English covers the key content and current debates and controversies surrounding procurement law, and explores case studies from the field. The seminar is taught by a leading procurement lawyer, Dr. Olaf Otting.

Module content

  • Introduction to Procurement Law
  • Legal Framework of Procurement Law
  • Interdependencies of Procurement Law and Related Fields

Module structure

This is a blended learning unit that combines online learning with block seminars.


By e-mail to Christoph Kleineberg

At a glance

  • Date: 17/18 August 2018 (block seminar), then until 30 September 2018 online
  • Tutor: Dr. Olaf Otting
  • Language: English
  • Fees: 100 euros for Professional School students and 500 euros for external students
  • CP: 5 CP possible


Contact & Advising

Dr. Kathrin Susann Becher
Universitätsallee 1, C40.117
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-1193
Fax +49.4131.677-2981