The teams of the CPD Courses of Study

In our various CPD courses, management and coordinators take care of the needs of the students and course-related issues. On this page, all the representatives of our bachelor, master and Certificate programmes are shown together.

Professional Bachelor programmes

Business Administration (B.A.)

Music in Childhood (B.A.)

Social Work for pre-school teachers (B.A.)

Professional Masters programmes

Arts and Cultural Management (M.A.)

Auditing (M.A.)

Business Engineering (M.Sc.)

Competition and Regulation (LL.M.)

Construction Law and Construction Management (M.A.)

Corporate and Business Law (LL.M.)

Governance and Human Rights (M.A.)

Manufacturing Management/Industrial Management (MBA)

Performance Management (MBA)

Prevention and Health Promotion (MPH)

Social Management (MSM)

Sustainable Chemistry (M.Sc.)

Sustainability Law - Energy, Resources, Environment (LL.M.)

Sustainability Management (MBA)

Tax Law (LL.M.)

Certificate Courses

Arts & Cultural Consumption and Audiences

Arts & Cultural Production and Cultural Organizations

Competition Law

Corporate Law

Digital Marketing

Dis­rup­ti­ons to the Con­struc­tion Pro­cess and Contract Amend­ments

European and International Law

Human Resource Management

Innovation Management

International Cultural Management in Transition

Law of the Energy Transition

Regulation Law