Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Studies: Application and Admission

We are glad that you wish to engage on CPD studies at Leuphana Professional School. These pages will give you information and tips all around the questions of application and admission to the Professional School.

5 Steps to your Study Place

1. Check Admission Requirements

In order to put your study decision into practice, you must first check whether you fulfil the admission requirements for the respective study programme. Please note that there are very individual requirements for the study programmes offered by the Professional School, as some of them are tailored to specific professional groups. You can find all information on the respective admission requirements and the required documents on the application pages of your chosen study programme. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the relevant degree programme coordinator.

The following admission requirements apply to several study programmes.

Proof of Professional Job Experience

In most part-time study programmes, you must provide proof of relevant professional experience for admission. As a rule, professional experience is considered relevant if it results from full-time qualified employment and the activities carried out correspond to the qualification level of the respective university degree. Depending on the degree programme, however, experience from vocational training related to the subject or full-time internships may also be recognised.

Proof of English Language Skills

In some degree programmes, some or all of the courses are taught in English. In these study programmes, you must provide proof of your English language skills for admission. There are various methods for this, for example achieving certain scores in tests such as the TOEFL. On application and after a specific case-by-case assessment, documented stays abroad in an English-speaking country (at least six months) or publications in English in recognised academic media can also serve as proof in some degree programmes.

For a successful application, you must not only fulfil the admission requirements, but also submit the required application documents in full and on time. Depending on the degree programme, you will need to submit work references as proof of your professional experience, certified certificates of previous degrees or other documents with your online application. 

You can find information on the required application documents on the application pages of the respective degree programme. If you are unsure whether your documents are complete, please contact the relevant degree programme coordinator and ask for advice in advance.

Please note that uploads to the online application portal are only accepted in pdf format. Please also make sure to combine documents of several pages into one pdf. It is not possible to upload several individual pages.

3. Online-Application via MyCampus

To apply to Leuphana, you must first create a myCampus account. Once you have registered, submit your online application there.

You can find more information on the individual steps in the portal and further links on our application subpage.

4. After the Application: the Admission Procedure

If your online application is received on time with the required documents, it will take part in the admission procedure. An admissions committee is formed at the Professional School to check the admission requirements and carry out the admission and selection procedure.

If there are more applicants who fulfil the admission requirements for the respective degree programme than there are places available, an internal university selection procedure is carried out. In the specific admission regulations of the chosen degree programme, you can see for which areas points are awarded in the admission procedure. A ranking list for admission is then drawn up based on the number of points.

5. After the Admission: the Enrolment

If you have been admitted (immediately or via the succession procedure), you will receive a written letter of admission by e-mail. Now all you have to do is accept the place and enrol. If you enrol by the deadline, you will then receive your student ID card.

Special case: Entry via the modular study programme

In some part-time degree programmes, you can also start your studies during the current semester. In this case, you can take part in modules of the degree programme as part of the module study and can test the part-time degree programme for yourself or already complete your first coursework. If you choose several modules, you can book them as part of an individual certificate programme. Further information on the module and individual certificate programme

If you subsequently decide to take up the degree programme, successfully completed coursework can be credited towards the degree programme. In this case, of course, you must also fulfil the admission requirements for subsequent admission to the degree programme. Find out more about the entry options with the module or individual certificate programme on the websites or from the coordinator of the respective study programme.

Fees paid for the modular study programme will be credited in full against the tuition fees payable for the first four modules and half against the tuition fees payable for further modules completed in advance. Fees paid for the certificate programme are credited in full towards the tuition fees payable.

Queries on Application and Registration

Please address all queries going beyond these remarks concerning application and registration either to the person in charge of the programme or to Students Services.