Certificate Courses Management & Entrepreneurship

Further education for entrepreneurs and managers

In the area of Management & Entrepreneurship, the certificate programmes aim to improve the theoretical understanding of entrepreneurship, management and innovation in order to be able to support entrepreneurs and managers in their entrepreneurial and business ventures. This subject area comprises a large and diverse range of further education courses at Bachelor's and Master's level.

Certificate Courses Management and Entrepreneurship ©Leuphana Professional School
Certificate Courses Management and Entrepreneurship

Professional certificates at a glance

At Master Level

We already have the following English language programmes of study in place for you

In addition, you will find the following German language courses in our offer

Individual certificate programme in the field of Management & Entrepreneurship

With our Professional School Individuale certificate programme, you have the opportunity to put together your own individual continuing education programme with suitable modules from the field of management and entrepreneurship. You can find suitable modules in our booking portal, for example in the categories Business Administration or Management & Leadership.

Other certificate offers

Not found the right programme yet? Then take a look at our other subject areas: Sustainability, Energy & Environment, Culture, IT & DigitalisationLaw or Social Affairs, Health & Education. You can also find a complete overview of all certificates here.

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