Information for students on CPD programmes

Welcome to the Professional School

We are pleased that you are studying on a programme in CPD mode at Leuphana Professional School. Our courses of study target the individual needs of practitioners. Their attendance phases at weekends, as well as their e-Learning platform provide a high level of flexibility. Our learning platform constitutes a central element of your studies: all important dates and information are gathered there. You will also find complementary general information around your studies at the Professional School, as well as contact data of important contact partners.

Counseling for students

Contact persons as well as the Professional School’s team will be pleased to help you with your queries concerning the courses. All contacts are found here.

Elements of your CPD Course

The following pages contain further information concerning important elements of your studies at the Professional School:

  • Starting your studies: In order to facilitate your start in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) studies, we compiled important information and tips all around what you need to know at the beginning of the programme.
  • Learning Model: Your CPD course of studies at the Professional School rests on a special continuous education and learning model, about which we will provide more information on this page.
  • E-Learning platform: All CPD courses are represented on our learning platform. There, you will find not only learning material for download or e-learning contents, but also important information surrounding our studies and important dates and appointments.
  • Coaching offer: As Bachelor’s or Master’s student, you can make use of our coaching offer once free of charge, for example in order to better cope with the challenges of studying while being active in your profession or push your career. Students on a course leading to a certificate pay a reduced price for that service.
  • Examinations during the studies: the general conditions applying to the exams of your course of studies are established in the Examination Regulations. All important Regulations, forms and information have been gathered on this page by Students Services.

Recent information from the Professional School

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