Studying in Germany at Leuphana University

If you are considering studying in Germany at Leuphana University you will need answers to many important questions: which degree programme suits me? Which degree will give me good career opportunities in Germany or internationally? Are other aspects important to me besides the course content? Answers to these and other questions regarding studying at Leuphana, entry & residence in Germany, living & accommodation and jobs & career are available here.

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Studying in Germany: Multifaceted perspectives at Leuphana

Our programmes enable students to pursue their own educational goals and study according to their interests. For the bachelor at the College, there are over a hundred options to create an individual study programme from a major and minor. An additional 19 master's programmes and 22 research groups are available for you to choose from in the Graduate School. Our Professional School offers you the opportunity to combine work and further education in a part-time bachelor's or master's programme. 

You can choose from courses in the fields of education, culture, management and technology, sustainability, and public affairs. You also have the choice between various double degree programmes at bachelor's and master's level, which are offered in cooperation with partner universities worldwide. Thus, you can also gain international experience alongside your studies in Germany.

At Leuphana, it's less about what you study and more about how!

To the international study programmes
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Studying in Germany at the Leuphana Campus.

Five reasons to choose Leuphana

  1. We care about the future
    Leuphana is the first university in Europe that introduced a School of Sustainability. Furthermore, social responsibility and sustainability are fundamental values in our teaching and research.
  2. We are a laboratory for new ideas
    As one of the most start-up friendly universities in Germany, we help our students to realise their start-up dreams while still studying.
  3. We have strong partners
    With almost one hundred partner universities and institutions worldwide, we are committed to the global exchange of people and ideas.
  4. We are a community
    In terms of student satisfaction, Leuphana ranks among the top three medium-sized universities in Germany (source: StudyCheck, 2022). This does not surprise us. Whether in the seminar room, in field research or in a student initiative: passionate interest and commitment find comprehensive support here.
  5. We are an attractive place to study
    The traditional Hanseatic City of Lüneburg, located near Hamburg and home to Leuphana, was recently named a top 10 place to study in Europe. Our spacious, green campus is an ideal place for student life.

After studying in Germany at Leuphana

After graduation, many of our students continue their studies in Germany and specifically at Leuphana, while others already receive interesting offers on the job market. The transition into professional life often runs smoothly, as subject-related fundamentals and experiential knowledge are closely linked at Leuphana.  

This is precisely why many of our graduates are held in high esteem when they start their careers.

To the career prospects