Orientation Programme at Leuphana

For international students

How do I register in Lüneburg? Can I learn German at Leuphana? Which places should I have seen in Lüneburg? These and many other questions occupy international students after their arrival. During the orientation programme, you will find answers to all questions, receive direct support in putting them into practice and get to know your fellow students, the city and the surrounding area.

Student travels to campus with suitcase ©Marie Meyer
Orientation programme at Leuphana for newly arrived international students.


  • German course (possible at levels A1-B2)
  • Registration with the City of Lüneburg and at the university
  • Getting to know the campus and the facilities at Leuphana
  • Overview of the courses on offer and help with creating a timetable and registering for courses
  • Getting to know Lüneburg and the surrounding area

Possible additions:

  • Excursion to Berlin (3 days): additional costs of approx. €100
  • Getting to know Hamburg (1 day): additional costs of approx. €10

Attention. The programme may be adjusted from year to year e.g. due to changes in Corona regulations.


  • €75 for bachelor’s and master’s students
  • €150 for doctoral students who work as research assistants at Leuphana.

Payment and registration are due at the beginning of the programme during office hours at the International Office. 

Duration: 4 weeks (before the beginning of the semester)

Find your Buddy

You have the opportunity to participate in Leuphana's Buddy Programme and receive individual support from a "buddy". Buddies are students from higher semesters who will help you with your questions and concerns wherever they can during your first days in Lüneburg.

Interested? Then send an email to buddy@leuphana.de


Kirja Frommeyer
International Student Administrator
International Office / C14.110